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The founding idea behind project Bushman recalls its origin back to Australia in 1997 when a lone traveller who just spent a particularly long period wandering the world realized that he not only needs to rely on sturdy equipment but also on comfortable and durable clothing. Based on extensive personal experience and the expertise of others encountered along his journeys he created the Bushman brand collection of garments and accessories. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then; today Bushman is an internationally trademarked brand company with its own retail chains and a range of business representatives in Europe, Asia and Africa.

About us

BUSHMAN outdoor clothing and equipment is designed for men and women who love freedom and travel, discovery and adventure. Our designs are not only guided by common sense but also by instinct and driven by a strong respect for nature.

Bushman Expedition Outfitters

We design and manufacture all our products ourselves to ensure reliability and practicality, and above all they are designed to dependably protect you on your travels. We use natural materials wherever possible, such as cotton, wool, flax, bamboo, leather, etc. By using modern manufacturing and treatment techniques we have been able to achieve unsurpassed product durability.

Respect for Nature

It is important to us to minimise the effect of our products on the environment. We do not want our products to end up in land-fills. All our clothing and equipment are made of natural materials that can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way or simply recycled.

Since 1997

We have focused on the development and manufacture of outdoor clothing since 1997. Because we love adventure travel ourselves, we know what people need on their travels. Since we started our business, we have created over thirty unique collections of clothing and accessories, which in turn have ushered in the Bushman style of dressing. Our clothes allow you to go anywhere - in the mountains, forest or desert. Our clothes will keep you comfortable and stylish anywhere in the wilderness or in civilization, even after washing.

Back to our Origins

Every year we create two new collections of clothes and accessories; one for each of the summer and winter seasons. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve our products in order to meet the requirements and demands of today’s needs. Nevertheless, our collections are a perfect blend of functionality and reliability that has endured the test of time. We do not make clothes that live for one fashion season, but instead we try to forge our own path.

Follow your Instinct!

Sometimes it happens that we don’t have enough information to make the right life decisions or choose the right direction. When this happens, you have to rely on your own instincts. It is one of the few moments when the laws of nature come sharply into focus. If Bushman products help you to succeed in these situations, we would have achieved our goal.


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